Soberdough Bread Mix


A perfect gift for this Holiday season! Few things are better than homemade bread straight out of the oven! With Soberdough it’s easy & quick to enjoy a savory or sweet bread in less than an hour. Just add 12oz of beer to your mix, bake for 45 minutes....then brace yourself for warm, tasty goodness!

Makes one standard size bread loaf.


Apple FritterEvery bite is packed with real apples! (Yes, nothing fake ever used here.) The sweet apple flavor throughout mixed with cinnamon and brown sugar is delectable.

Buffalovin' WingThe sexy spice lingers on your tongue just enough to tease until the slightly sweet and cheesy bread seduces you back... this is some Buffalovin' good bread!

Cheesy GarlicCheese, garlic and herbs... a wonderful blend with a moist texture.

Cinnamon SwirlOur answer for those who don't like raisins! All the lusciousness of cinnamon and brown sugar swirled throughout the bread but without the raisins.

The ClassicThis is the mix that started it all. A comfort bread. The Classic packs the perfect balance of contrast between sweet and salty. A moist, dense texture to enjoy with any meal.

Cornbread & Ale: This cornbread is a very moist version with a slight sweetness but not too much! A great bread to get creative with.

Cranberry OrangeA perfect bread toasted with morning coffee. Add the glaze and it suits afternoon tea to a tee! 

Everything but the BagelJust like an Everything Bagel but in bread form! Yummy for breakfast toasted with cream cheese on top or for sandwiches!

Gingerbread: This bread has the flavor of a gingerbread cookie
using molasses, ginger and other spices with a wonderfully, moist texture... which actually becomes more moist and spices more blended on day two and three! 

Hatch Green Chili CheddarWe use Hatch green chiles all the way from New Mexico. This bread is not spicy. We add the chiles for flavor without the heat... a perfect balance of savory spice (not too much) and cheese. 

Roasted GarlicThis bread with it's fragrant roasted garlic and herbs makes for an incredible bite. Perfect for any meal and dipping in olive oil. 

Salted Caramel BananaWhat a yummy combination! Organic banana paired with bits of caramel along with small bursts of sea salt. Try it. You will love it!

Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper: The gourmet zinger - Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper - will catch you by surprise with each bite while leaving a lingering taste of pepper. 

Mimosa MuffinsA brunch lover's dream.... mimosa muffins! Deliciously baked with champagne. Yum!

Chocolate Stout BrewniesThese Chocolate Stout brownies aren’t overly sweet, so you’ll find yourself grabbing another. If you like your brownies dense and very moist, you'll love these! Reminiscent of a square of dark chocolate fudge. 

Snickerdoodle BrewniesEven better than the cookies, these Snickerdoodle Brewnies are buttery, soft, and have that classic signature snickerdoodle tang! These cinnamon-sugar coated brewnies may be the best way to make Snickerdoodles yet.