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Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in Urban Farmgirl’s Main Street Market! We are happy to be hosting two shows this year: May 19th and September 8th, 2018. The setting will be the grounds of the Victorian Village behind Midway Village Museum, 6799 Guilford Road, Rockford, IL. The village is a picturesque area, with a main street lined with buildings that have been relocated to the property from locations around the Rockford area. Main Street consists of a town hall, church, police station, hotel, general store and others, all authentic to their time period. There is a rural area that has multiple farmhouses and two beautiful barns, all of which will be the backdrop for the event! We are so very lucky to have the opportunity to be able to utilize these amazing grounds. The booths will be spread through the village area, giving each vendor ample space to showcase their beautiful displays. Throughout the show we will have live music and several amazing food vendors!

Show Dates & Hours

May 19th, and Sept 8th 2018. Show hours will be 9:00am – 4:00pm. Times may be subject to change. Please note, this is an outdoor venue. Please prepare accordingly for inclement weather.


Please note this is a juried show. Set-up and display are important! We will be visiting your social media sites for photos of your previous or current selling experiences.

However, if you have not sold at a show before, please do not hesitate to apply! We love those pursuing the fun of selling for the first time, too!


We are happily accepting vintage and handmade artisan vendors!

We are looking for unique, current and interesting items that our customers would be happy to see for sale at the show! We realize that some of you have brick-and-mortar shops selling “new” items as well — you are welcome to display those in your booth, but you must have the majority of the merchandise for sale in your booth be vintage or handmade.


Most booth spaces are on a grassy field, Some booths may be on portions of a gravel path that runs through the Main Street area of the village. A tent is encouraged, but not required. You must provide your own tent, but any tent used MUST BE WHITE.

Vendors are expected to have their booths styled in an attractive manner. Merchandise must be displayed in a way that looks pleasing and inviting. We are looking for eye candy! NOTE: This is not a flea-market type show. Vendors must have at least one representative in their booth at all times. If you will need relief for lunch, bathroom breaks, etc., please bring an assistant with you.

Each vendor will be provided a wristband identifying you as a vendor that will need to be worn at all times. We will also provide one for a helper working in your booth. It will need to be worn to have gate access for set up and during the show.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to get the wristband to your helper. If they arrive at the gate without it, they will be expected to pay regular admission.

Vendors are expected to keep their booth free of trip-hazards Please keep an aisle that is clear of merchandise for everyone’s safety.


There are a limited number of booths available with electricity for an additional cost. Vendors will need to provide their own extension cords. If you are interested in electricity please contact us directly at 815-985-9918.


We have 3 basic booth sizes available for our markets in 2018. Booths are either 12′ wide or 24′ wide, should you choose a double booth. We have 2 options available for the depth of the spaces, should you like more room that our standard size space. We have a limited number of each booth space available.

If you wish to attend in both May & Septmeber, we recommend applying for both now, as they usually fill right away. Any questions – please call us! 815-985-9918

May 19th – 12′ x 14′ – $175
May 19th – 12′ x 24′ – $275
May 19th – 24′ x 14′ – $350

September 8th – 12′ x 14′ – $175
September 8th – 12′ x 24′ – $275
September 8th – 24′ x 14′ – $350

If you are applying for both shows, and want to reserve the SAME SPACE for both shows, payment for both will be due at the same time. No guarantee for the same space for the September show will be made unless paid for with the May show.

If approved to be a vendor, you will receive an email with your vendor ad button and information for remitting payment. You will have 1 week from the date of that email to remit payment to secure your space. If not paid by the due date, your space may be offered to another applicant. (Credit Card processing is available for an additional processing fee).

All payments are  non-refundable, so before you commit, be certain you are able to attend.


May Market: Friday, May 18th, 3pm – 9 pm and Saturday, May 19th beginning at 6am.
September Market: Friday, September 7th, 11am – 7pm and Saturday, September 8th beginning at 6am.

All booths must be completely set up by 9:00am Saturday morning when the gates open to the public.

Vehicles must be removed from the premises and relocated to the vendor parking area no later than 8:30am the morning of the show.


Vendors may not start breaking down their booth prior to the close of the show at 4:00 pm. Vehicles will be allowed on the property for load out after closing.


All vendors must provide a sales receipt to each customer and charge appropriate sales tax of 8.25% on each purchase.


We are adjusting the porter system for 2018. When plans are finalized we will announce the changes.


One-day liability insurance policies are usually available through an existing Homeowners or Business insurance policy for a very low cost. It is HIGHLY encouraged that each vendor obtain a policy that provides coverage for their booth space. Midway Village Museum, Urban Farmgirl LLC, the Main Street Market, or the Rockford Park District are NOT responsible for any damage and/or injury that takes place within your booth space. PLEASE keep all aisles clear and safe.


No pets are allowed on the Midway Village Museum property.


Security will be provided through the Rockford Park District (RPD) Police Department.

The village is within a locked, gated area behind the museum and it will be patrolled by the RPD Police.

However, if you choose leave things in your booth overnight after set-up, this is at your own risk.

How to Apply

To apply to be a merchandise vendor please complete and submit our Merchandise Vendor Application. To apply to be a food vendor please complete and submit our Food Vendor Application.


Call us! 815-985-9918

Email us!