Jenna Vase w/ Wood Base


Reclaimed glass terrarium/vase on a natural wood base is a unique and eco-friendly piece that is made of reclaimed glass from old bottles and jars. The glass is recycled and handcrafted by artisans who create a unique and sustainable product.

The terrarium/vase has an irregular shape that gives it a whimsical and cozy look. The base is made of natural wood that is sourced from fallen trees or branches. The wood is cut and polished to create a sturdy and rustic base.

Can be used to display plants, flowers, succulents, or candles, or to create a mini garden or fairy tale scene. It would be beautiful filled with soil, sand, rocks, moss.

Due to the handmade nature, each one will vary. The photo is just an example. 

SIZE: approximately 7” round x 6 3/4” tall (but each one will vary)