Recycled Bicycle Tubs Zip Pouch - Small


The small is a great option for a travel size bag. Fits smaller model phones. Doubles as a wallet. Very handy for holding small tools. 


Offered in a variety of zipper colors. 

Because each product is hand made from recycled tubes no two products are alike. Each item will have its own characteristics making it uniquely yours. Some may have brand markings and/or patches. We love to think of the adventures each tube was on before it landed in the sewers hands. Full cycle life for these tubes! From a history of biking to a whole new life rescued from the landfills and living it up as a cool bag holding all sorts of trinkets and treasures.

Inner tubes are collected from bike shops both locally and from across the country. Tubes are thoroughly cleaned during the prep process. Bags are not entirely waterproof but are very water resistant.